Oats Dosa in 15 minutes

Oats Dosa
Oats Dosa

Oats Dosa in 15 minutes ek bhut hi swadisht dish hai. Ise banana bhi bhut easy hai. Ye dosa bhut healthy bhi h because isme hum oats, suzi dalte hai aur isme hum wo ingredients dalte jai jo ghr mein asani se mil jate hai. Oats dosa bache apne tiffin mein bhi le jana pasand krte hai. To aiye shuru krte hai ise bnane ki vidhi.

Oats Dosa
Oats Dosa

Banane Ka Samay

Banane ka samay: 15/20 minutes

Ingredients of Oats Dosa in 15 Minutes (सामग्री)

11 cup oats
21/2 cup suzi
31/4 cup chawal ka atta
41 spoon salt
52 cup pani
62 hari mirch barik kati hui
78 se 10 curry patta
81 spoon adrak kisa hua
9Kali mirch 1/2 spoon

Recipe of Oats Dosa in 15 Minutes (विधि)

  • Sbse phle ek kadai mein oats ko dalein aur oats ko roast krein 5 minute ke liye.
  • 5 minute oats ko roast ko krne ke bad oats ko mixer mein dal de aur 5 minute thanda hone ke liye rkhe.
  • Thanda hone ke bad oats ko grind kr le.
  • Oats fine powder hona chahiye.
  • Ab is powder ko ek bowl mein dalein aur usme suzi, chawal ka atta dal kr mix krein.
  • Phir isme namak dal de aur phir isme pani dal kr dosa batter tyar krein.
  • Dhyan rhe ki batter patla ho thick na ho.
  • Ab isme hari mirch, curry patta, adrak, kali mirch dal kr mix krein.
  • Ek nonstick tawa le aur gas pr rkh kr garam krein.
  • Phir tawa pr thoda sa oil dalein aur garam krein.
  • Gas slow kr de.
  • Ab batter ko thoda thoda kr tawa pr dalein aur felaiye.
  • Dhyan rhe bilkul halke hath se felane hai.
  • Phir thoda oil dosa ke corner pr dalein aur slow gas pr sikne de.
  • Dosa sikne ke bad spatula ki help se dosa sode se utare aur palt de so that ye dusri side se bhi siik jaye.
  • Ab dono tarf se dosa sikne ke bad dosa ko plate mein rkhe.
  • Isi trh dusra dosa banane ke liye batter phir tawa pr dalein aur sekein.
  • Oats dosa in 15 minutes ab tyar hai.
  • Ise aap hari chutney ya nariyal chutney ke sath serve kr skte hai.

Nutrition facts of Oats Dosa in 15 minutes

Oats Dosa in 15 minutes at Foody Junction
Nutrition fact of Oats Dosa in 15 minutes

How long would it take to burn off 100 KCal?

Walking (3mph)27 minutes
Running (6mph)10 minutes
Bicycling (10mph)14 minutes
Oats Dosa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is readymade dosa batter healthy?
    • Instant Dosa mix prepared in outlets may not be healthy for you. The preparation process followed is not very hygienic and filled with harmful preservatives. Thus, the best option will be to prepare Dosa mix at home itself. To enjoy healthy and hygienic dosas at home, consider buying a grinder and blender.
  • What can we eat with dosa?
    • Potato Palya. This dish is also served as an accompaniment with poori and occasionally Rava Idli in Karnataka. …
    • Nalikeram Ulli Chammandi (Coconut and Shallot Chutney) …
    • Chennai-style Vada Curry. …
    • Chettinad Kozhi (Chicken) Curry. …
    • Arachu Vitta Sambar. …
    • Meen Kozhambu. …
    • Curry Leaves Chutney.
  • Is Rava Dosa good for weight loss?
    • The instant Rava Dosa fits the category of low-calorie recipe for weight loss, as it consumes a very small amount of oil and thus can be considered as a healthy breakfast idea. … Being low on the calorie count, the rava dosa is an ideal healthy breakfast option for weight loss.
  • What is green chutney?
    • Green chutney is a blend made of green chilies, cumin, coriander and mint leaves. It is served with Indian snacks, sandwiches and chaats. It enhances the taste of the foods and also helps in digestion.
  • What are Indian chutneys?
    • Uses. Tomato chutney can be used to accompany myriad foods and dishes, such as veg kebabs, sandwiches, burgers

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