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When you are on any Foodyjunction page, you can go through or click on drop down menu of recipe button on the top of the page to go to any of our amazing “recipe categories.” These categories can be anything from Appetizers to full Slow Cooler meals! including deserts.

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Once you click into a category / recipes that you want to look through you’ll see the top subcategories. Usually these subcategories classify the recipes as types of dishes (Sweet, Soup, Salad, Kidzone, Snacks Sabji etc ). These collections within the categories will further help you get inspired to make a delicious meal! You can also sort these recipes by Most Popular, Recipe Type, Main Ingredient, and view related recipes!

Here you will get all types of pure Indian Veg recipes which is made by indian ingredients. All Recipes are tried and tested in our kitchen first by Indian pure veg ingredients and then only shared on foodyjunction.

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